InfoTrends Webinar: Pushing paperless adoption rates to the next level with email delivery | Striata Explore

Webinar: Pushing Paperless Adoption to the Next Level with Email Delivery

In our recent Webinar, Matt Swain (InfoTrends) presented a white paper that explores the power of PUSH email delivery…

Hear why three companies decided on a PUSH strategy to deliver critical communications directly to their customers via email and the results thereof:

InfoTrends and Striata

InfoTrends and Striata White Paper: Pushing Paperless Adoption

Tags: InfoTrends, Matt Swain, Michael Wright, Webinar, Xploration, Xplor webinar, paperless adoption

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Key takeaways: Push eDelivery helps companies:

Reduce the costs of print and mail

Improve the customer experience

Modernize the billing process

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